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Thread: tire bead woes

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    tire bead woes

    Hello All -

    Been mtn biking for a decade or so, had more or less every kinda mtn bike known to man, but new to fatbikes.

    Bought my first one last year, totally hooked. Just finishing up a build on a second this year.

    Onto my question: needed to put tires on rims (new build, and replacing worn-out ones from the prev winter) - and with both set, the beads just dont seem to want to push all the way into the corner of the rims, leaving the tires unbalanced.

    I'm running tubes, so I'm real concerned with leaks, its more of the uneven wearing and just the annoyance of feeling a tire being off balance

    any tips for this? honestly I cant ever remember encountering this problem with any other tires and rims in the past, but within the span of a week - 2 brands of tires, two brands of rims, exact same result.

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    Did you give them some soapy water? I even used olive oil once. Pump to max psi.
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    Lots of soapy water, more than you think you'll need. Sometimes a short ride helps pop everything into place.

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    I've had this problem with tubed tires, tried a lot but couldn't get it perfect. No such problem with tubeless.
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    Never had a tire I couldn't get to fully bead out with enough soap and air pressure.

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    Rims and tires used? And if new build, why not tubeless?

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    For me, straight liquid dish soap works far better than soapy water.

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    ...or Windex.


    Quote Originally Posted by lifeis11 View Post
    ... the beads just dont seem to want to push all the way into the corner of the rims,...
    PS - getting the tire beads "in" all the way is not necessarily how the tire should fit. Just check that line near the bead is the same distance from the rim all the way around.
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