Is there an adapter to use 135mm hub on bike designed for 190mm hub?-
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    Is there an adapter to use 135mm hub on bike designed for 190mm hub?

    I'd love to get a Specialized fatboy, but I'm running into a bit of a problem. I'd like to put a Bionx kit on my fatboy, as I'll be using it as my winter commuting car replacement machine, and I don't want to arrive at work exhausted before my day starts - the workout can be for the ride home.

    The problem is that Bionx kits only work on rear hubs of 135mm size, not the 170mm and 190mm hubs that are more common now. Are there any adapters out there that would let me use a 135mm hub on a bike designed for a 190mm hub, like the fatboy? Thanks!

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    Not a fatboy, but surly and a couple others make frames that use offset 135mm hubs. Alternately, salsa did make such a spacer for the first generation mukluk. If the bionix kit weep work on a qr wheel, that (on an old muk) or a similar setup for a given bike machined by a local shop should work.

    One alternative is to get a system that will work on a front hub. If you don't need more than 4", you can run a 100mm fork (surly did for a while on the pugs).

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    Bionx as in, the rear axle mounted version?

    Bike dropouts weren't designed for direct motor torque (that's what legs are usually for), and the axle designs of bicycles reflect this reality. You might be better off having what you're looking for custom made if for NO OTHER REASON than keeping your Fatboy frame healthy at the dropouts.

    Short answer, no, what you're looking for doesn't exist yet.
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    OK, good to know, thank you!

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