Surly Tim strips on rolling Daryl-
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    Surly Tim strips on rolling Daryl

    Hey guys I am building up my 907 and I am having a helluva time getting the rim strips on. They are one piece rubber from surly. I have nobody around and I really want to get this done. Any tips on install? Two people would be better I am sure. Thanks.
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    Try soapy water?
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    I've also liked using Windex or the equivalent glass cleaner as a bead / whatever lube. It doesn't leave as much of a residue as soapy water often does and is still slippery.

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    Line up the valve holes, and drop a 6mm Allen through them to keep it positioned.

    The place the wheel on the ground, valve hole up, and work it around. It stretches, and is very tough, don't worry, you won't tear it unless you try really hard. Just work it up and onto the rim.

    Once on, then take a smooth shafted screwdriver, slide it underneath the strip and bridge it across the rims edges, then run it around the rim, to allow you to center it, and undo any wrinkles or folds that happened along the way.
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