Studded Tires Improve Grip on Wet Rock.-
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    Studded Tires Improve Grip on Wet Rock.


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    Pennsylvania trails are loaded with rockgardens and it rains a lot here yearround including our winters when i wish it were snow. Wet rock is a reality.

    I have studded tires for ice and from time to time end up on wet rock instead. Haven't notice it being particularly helpful as the granite/sandstone rock tends to have decent traction by itself.

    I do think I've lost a few studs from being ripped out on rocks though so there's that.

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    Unless the studs are able to actually penetrate the rock they are not going to really give more traction. I can see an argument that the edges of the studs could catch and hold on the minute edges and ridges on the rock face - which may well be, but I equate it much more to being like what happens when you wear shoe traction devices into a building with a hard surface floor - you start slipping and sliding as if on ice skates. A super-soft and tacky rubber compound - like rock climbing shoes - would be the best bet for wet rock - though crap for durability and longevity.

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    The only time I ever slid out on anything other than brown sugar snow with my Nokian Gazza Extremes was on wet concrete. As blockphi said, studs on rock won't help unless the rock is soft or has a bunch of stud sized holes.
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