Stoking the season to life.-
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    Stoking the season to life.

    It'll be 60* here this afternoon. Dirt is dry, leaves are down but not for so long that you can't still smell them. My current mountain bike is the best, most capable, most fun bike I've ever owned or ridden.

    Despite all that I'd rather be riding snow.

    The season approacheth, and as such I get excited about needing to stick big burly meats onto some absurdly wide rims to go riding -- with my sweetie, and others -- where almost no one else does.

    Perhaps my wires got crossed at some early, impressionable age? Most people can't get enough of what we have right here, right now. As evidenced by the lines of cars rolling into town every Friday night, and the blown to bits corners with braking bumped descents on our local dirt.

    Why would one wish all that away and want colder temps, slower speeds, more logistical headaches, more type II fun?

    In a word crowds, or a lack thereof. I've always been crowd averse, always turned my back to large numbers of people -- regardless of what they were doing -- and headed the other direction. Clearly there is more to it than that, but I think that's about as close to the root as one can tap.

    Some would say 'be patient, it'll be here soon enough".

    I suppose that's true. I'm ready now.

    And you?

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    Cannot wait for the first moonlight ride in snow up in Fourmile Park!
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    Season has started in Québec city. E47 opened up this pas week end... so happy that the in between season has not lasted very long. I just put away the mountain bike last week, now it fat time.

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    + One for the stoke on this post!

    Sweet imagery and vibe... Any biking is good biking though - enjoy the current condish and keep spreading that good-good across the land!


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    Ready or not, here it comes. Most years at this time I'm just not ready. I guess I'm still not mentally ready as we have one more trip south planned later this month. But my garage bays are in winter mode with vehicles inside and my yearly firewood supply is stacked and covered. With that, I am ready to embrace winter conditions starting now.

    Nice collection of pics there. A few timeless classics. Thank you

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    I love a good snow ride, and spend many many days/nights each year pushing through ungroomed snow, I'll be ok if the dirt sticks around into January this year.

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    My in-laws are over from Finland at the moment, I put on the Finnish news for them on the TV, they were reporting the most snow in decades for this time of year in Lapland.

    Although they live a long way south of the region, and only have a couple of inches so far, I cannot wait for mid December when we will visit for 2 weeks. When I describe to some of my friends about struggling to cycle in -20oC and a foot of snow, they give me strange looks. The tranquillity of being miles from the nearest town or person, listening the trees cracking and the woodpeckers pecking. Bliss.

    Stoking the season to life.-49053539508_b42fafc21b_c.jpg

    Stoking the season to life.-49054267007_d2dc1bccaf_c.jpg

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    Wow, the Grand Junction forecast looks wild:

    And not much better (snow wise) for my homies in me olde hometown:

    However, over here (Oslo/Norway/60NRTH) we got some snow yesterday, but it is raining away as we speak. Could very well be the only snow ride this side of Xmaz, but it was sure nice to feel some powder while it lasted (20cm/8'' of it):

    Stoking the season to life.-snippen-111119.jpg

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    totally agree mikesee!!!

    Love the solitude, quiet, and challenge of the cold. We don't have near as much winter as you have here in Central Ohio - and it is funny to me that people run away from the "cold" here, but more power to them. There is nothing like pulling into the trailhead and seeing no other cars there.

    We had our earliest snow here in C-bus in 10 years last night. Only 2 inches. But everything is nice and crusty. It will be gone by tomorrow though. I hope this is a good sign for a real winter here...but most likely, we won't see another snow until Feb, and it will be 75 and humid in Dec and Jan so I will have to live vicariously through everyone else's pics.
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    Swapping tires TODAY!

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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    I wish we would get some snow in south-central AK! Mid-November feels like late September here. Record highs.

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    We had our first decent snowfall of the season and the Frost Moon was out last night. Hard not to jump on the bike
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    Thank you for the inspiration.

    We've had an unusually cold and snowy start. We're planning some bigger adventures but last week a common lunch time meet up was snowy. Same as the video had 5 more inches yesterday. A new climbing trail above our spring has proven to be a great fat bike downhill. Now the freeze means I'm back to easy 5 - 15 miles of winter biking from my driveway.

    My biggest hope is not another very hard to predict winter. I'm getting studded tires to best address what we've had the past few years.

    I'll be more inspired to use our Snowdog this winter. In a fall trail work day we cut a buyout/bypass for the Snowdog to hopefully cut the pain and troubles that can accompany using that thing where there's exposure and lots of rocks.

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    A foot or so of snow already made a deposit in parts of the U.P. earlier this week.

    We got a dusting in North Central WI yesterday. Will be riding fat soon.

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    Yep, first ride was tonight. Spent 25 years being out in the worst of storms at all hours. Either it suits you, or it doesn't. If it does, your whole circadium rhythm takes on a different pattern than everyone around you. Soon as the sun gets low I get restless. Snow flakes hit the air and a whole new but familiar, comforting pattern begins. Not so much insomnia, but a comforting urgency. When I was younger and wasn't quite as aware of what was happening it really made everyone around me agitated because of it, which pushed me even further away from human interactions. I met my wife right before a winter, and she hung in there, it was extremely tiring yet exhilerating being in that state and wanting to spend her waking hours with her. We decided withing 3 months of dating to just get married and deal with the craziness that ensued. Being on this wavelength makes one attuned to what's important, maybe not always rational, but able to make things work. It took my wife 20 years to turn to me a few weeks ago and say" Well I guess you won't be sleeping much but operating at peak you soon." In that time she became a nurse and realized what sleep deprevation can accomplish personally on a mental level.

    I quit doing work that caused me to have to be up at all hours for 3 years, yet I found myself willingly and happily going back to it this year, albeit with a diminished role. I can only imagine with a more pronounced daylight closer to the poles what would happen, yet it's something I really want to do, riding to the poles. I love winter and snow especially!

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