Stacked my Fat Bike - Tire Overpressure-
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    Stacked my Fat Bike - Tire Overpressure

    I was excited to get the fat out. After a couple weeks of getting a tire to seat tubeless. I finally had it sit at high pressure (18 psi or so) for a couple days.

    Last night grabbed my bike to go meet others already on the trail and bled the tire a bit but new it was still to high - guessing between 13-15 psi (I have found good ride for 220# me is about 10.5 psi these are 27.5x3.8 on 50mm hugos). So took off to go meet. Riding a trail I have ridden hundreds of times I took a small jump (less than a foot) at decent speed 15 mph and had my back tire bounce on the landing sending me on to my front wheel and then spun my handlebars - resulting a head first slide on hard trail. Final result was a few stitches to chin and a banged up body. Not a common occurrence.

    So - This was user error before ride - and a reminder that fat bike tire pressure is so so so important for the ride you may be doing that day. I have had a lot of issues getting this wheel set up right for trail riding at my weight. I am heavily considering the vittoria air liner to achieve lower pressure while protecting my rim....

    Anyway - just thought I would share.

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    Bummer about the chin.

    Why was the tubeless setup so difficult?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesee View Post

    Why was the tubeless setup so difficult?
    This is on Hugos with Hodags. Generally they go together great. This is a rim issue. Keep getting leak through the stem. Retapped them three times and just resorted to gorilla tape which seems to be working well. I think the raised center is the issue, not much grab for the tape next to the holes.....Also i have dented the rims (V2) in a few spots straightened with a spanner (pretty crudely) they seem to hold or not hold randomly, but just switched to orange seal and that seems to be better than stans...

    Anyway, they are holding rock solid now, but I need lower pressure without hitting my rim, so considering the vittoria air-liner XL insert. I need lower pressure, increased dampening, and rim protection. Just can't get over the cost of the silly things.

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    It's going to do that anyway, as there's no damping. If you go faster or hit a bigger bump, it quickly becomes a jackhammer because it's a rigid bike and you'll get bucked like a bronco. Lower tire pressure only makes it a little more compliant at low speeds, but the same problem still exists.
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    I agree with Jayem. Riding rigid requires your body to do all the absorbing and dampening that suspension would do, especially at higher speeds.

    I am new to fat bikes but until I was 52 (56 now), I rode and raced mostly on a rigid singlespeed. There is only so much lower pressure can do for you. I finally graduated to front suspension because I could not take it anymore, especially in 8 hour solo races.

    But riding the Suzi Q, which I recently bought, made me fall in love with rigid riding all over again, although I am not racing it for now. I am still experimenting with pressure. I am light (152 lbs) so even at 7psi the tires barely deform. 😬
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