SS Pugs experience-
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    SS Pugs experience

    So I made the leap, stripped all the gears off my Pugs and went SS. 34T front, 19T rear. I have two 29ers, one geared, one SS, both rigid, and can ride the local trail (17 miles, rolling single track) in about 65 min. on either one. Today the Pugs did it in an additional 10 minutes, which is just about the same as it was with gears. A more hilly and technical trail probably would not have been as much fun, as it take a lot of effort to keep turning over those cranks on a long climb with all that weight and resistance. I have to see how the first snow effects it- I may need to go to a larger rear cog, but overall I consider it a pretty successful combination.

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    Interesting to know as I often think what it would be like to turn a fat bike SS.

    I may keep one SS for fun and one geared for trips away.....just the 'how long before my legs give up' thoughts spring to mind!
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    In the summer, I ran mine as a SS. 32 20 gearing. Sure, some stuff was harder. That's to be expected. Some stuff was also easier. I loved it. I'll do it again on my next fatty.

    Winter's another matter though. I want gears in winter. Need them to haul my fat arse up the hills.
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    I ride my fatbike SS, but for bogs or snow I have needed gears (Alfine).

    Mainly because riding clear trails on the gearing I need to make progress in bogs or snow would mean my legs would have to be whipping round like a blender. Maybe the BFLs will make a difference.
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