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    Spesh Fatboy vs. "budget" fat bikes?

    I've been wanting a fatty for a while, but haven't done much research.

    I'm in NH for the week, and happened to hit a LBS that had a few. I rode a Spesh Fayboy, the basic one, and really liked it.

    They have it on sale for 1600, which I though was decent for a full carbon fork and 4.6" tires. Also no sales tax here.

    I did a bit of research though and found a lot of lower cost options that I didn't realize were out there.

    Is there any reason that the spesh would be better than a Framed 3.0 or BD Boris?

    I also tide a Charge Maxi, it handled like crap, supposedly because of the VEE tires.

    Tires on the Spesh were great and retail for 160(!) each. That made me choose the fatboy over the 300 cheaper Charge.

    Thanks for any info and sorry if this has been beaten to death already.
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    Spesh Fatboy vs. "budget" fat bikes?

    Hey Mike, did you get a Fatbike? Or still looking? Freetown is actually a great place for a Fatbike. It's great for the loose sandy fire roads and baby heads.
    The rollover helps with the tech stuff. You just have to run a little extra pressure to keep from dinging your rims on the rocks.

    Edit: oops I didn't read the whole thread. I see you haven't pulled the trigger. You should get one though, besides Freetown there's lots of good beach riding on the Southcoast and cape.

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    Spesh Fatboy vs. "budget" fat bikes?

    Double post
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