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    Specialized fatboy bottom bracket creaking noise

    I bought a Specialized FatBoy a few months ago, and now the bottom bracket is make it creaking noise, Iíve greased it several times but keeps coming back. I understand this is a common problem with specialized being the bottom bracket shell is a non-threaded design.

    Has anyone been experiencing the same problem and what have you done to fix it other than taking it apart and greasing it every week?

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    Mine had been making some weird creaking noises from around the bottom bracket area shortly after I bought it. One thing that'd make the noise come back was if I rode the bike hard and got any dirt on the cranks. Turns out it wasn't the bottom bracket though; it was the chain. After cleaning it and putting on a liberal amount of dry lube the noise went away.

    Yesterday my bike developed a weird "rubbing" noise from the back tire. It'd come and go depending on how hard I was pedaling. What was causing it was the cap that covers the wheel bearing on the non-drive side had worked itself loose.

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    Is it properly torqued? Have you eliminated all other possibilities like the crank arms, pedals, shoes, the bearings? Wear other shoes, swap out pedals, torque the BB correctly and then replace the bearings using a proper tool. At that point talk with your shop if you haven't done so already.

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    it's amazing how my old cheap 29er with a square taper bottom bracket never gave me creaking sounds, but when I upgraded to an external bottom bracket, it creaks. Heavy handed assembly with cheap bikes vs. exact torquing specs for carbon fiber. sometimes, simplicity and heavy is better.

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    It's because they come with a crap press fit bottom bracket. I have 2 friends with fatboys and they had the same issue. Press fit should go away.
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    My Fatboy's original pf30 bb died within the first couple months. I'm not sure if it's a quality issue with the original bearings, but the replacements lasted a bit longer. They still felt pretty rough though (not completely blown like the originals) when I finally replaced the crankset with a X9 and went with a GXP bb. Given the added stress on the bearings (100mm vs 68/73mm bb shell), I have to imagine that the more outboard you can get the bearings, the stronger/more durable it will be.

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    I have a 15 or 16 Fatboy, and I apparently had a good run with the first BB, as we just replaced it in March, but it's been maybe 10 rides and the new BB is shot already.

    What's the latest word on a good bottom bracket for this bike? I don't want to go crazy because I'm selling it but I want to make sure the next owner doesn't have to replace it anytime soon.

    It has a Raceface Next carbon crank if that matters. Thanks!

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