Simple beach bike in carbon/aluminum-02cbef98-f020-4f87-a807-e6969d2ac401.jpg I built two simple beach bikes for our family 5 years ago starting with frames from the Walmart Mongoose Beast. No gears, no cables, etc, just upgraded bearings, lower gear ratio, better chain, drilled wheels, and lighter tubes and tires. Hose the sand off after ride and wax lube the chain. Worked great with the added bonus that without shifter knobs or brake levers there was nothing for little hands to mess with. The 4 tires handle the sand great, even when I get adventurous and lower psi to 4 and head into the dunes (I assume the 100mm rims help with keeping the tires attached).
Unfortunately even with hosing it off the cheap steel is succumbing to rust, not to mention the spokes. I have been thinking about building version 2.0 but in something other than steel. Problem is most carbon frames seem to be for high end, suspension, and multi-gear bikes. Is there anything out there in carbon or aluminum for 100mm rim, 4 tire, and coaster brake?