Schwalbe Jumbo Jims on snow and ice?-
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    Schwalbe Jumbo Jims on snow and ice?

    About to buy a Norco Bigfoot. Have two options, go with 2014 model (Priced at 1,100 CAD) at LBS for with Vee Missions 26 x 4.0 or a 2016 model 6.2 (Priced at 1,350 CAD) with Schwalbe Jumbo Jims Evo 26 X 4.0. From what I have read, the Vee Missions don't seem to be worth a Fat Bike. Question is whether it worth the extra $250 and get Schwalbe Jumbo Jims or is it better to go with the 2014 and upgrade with a different set of tires.

    Plan to ride mostly in winters (use a 29er in summer) in Southern Ontario and primarily on single tracks where there is already some bike traffic.

    Would appreciate any suggestions/advise.

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    Whatever you do, get studded tires.
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    The Missions are awful. Heavy, bad rolling resistance and self steer like crazy. The JJ's IMO are more of a summer fat tire, like a fat Racing Ralph. The small knobs should roll well but arent going to grip snow as well as something with a more aggressive knob.

    Keep in mind that these are my opinions. I have a pair of JJ's but havent ridden them in snow. I use Vanhelgas for my snow tire and LOVE them.
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    You're going to spend a lot more than 250 bucks to upgrade to anything worth a damn.
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    JJs grip packed snow fairly well. Uphill traction is good. They can wash out in corners especially if you get offline into loose snow. They will not bite as well as tires with bigger knobs but they are likely faster and way lighter.
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    Do they manage about six inches of loose snow or is that even too much? Hoping that if I get the bike with JJs, I am not immediately disappointed when I hit the trails.

    I could also get a Sasquatch with the 4.8 JJs

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    The Sasquatch and th Bigfoot are spec'ed very differently so it's tough to compare on tire size alone. I really like the simplicity of a 1 x drivetrain, but that's me. I think that you would be well served by negotiating on the 2014 and some better tires, maybe some 45n vanhelgas. Nice grippy tire. You won't break the bank and will be very happy.

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    Get the new one better tires and lighter rims. Mounts on the fork.
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