Rolling the dice with an RCT3 Bluto on a Farley 9.6-
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    Rolling the dice with an RCT3 Bluto on a Farley 9.6

    Just tossed a 100mm RCT3 Bluto on my 9.6 to battle the spring post holes with the concave studded D4's. Decided to run a used bluto vs a Mastadon because its almost 1lb lighter, 1/4 the price used and our local single track are more xc race than enduro.

    The 100mm bluto is almost the exact atc as the 90mm mastodon found on the Farley 7. So by running the 100mm bluto I can achieve the same ATC as if I were to run a 90mm mastodon and gain 10mm more travel without the penalty of negatively affecting the bikes geometry. If I were riding more DH/Enduro trails I'm sure it would be fine to slacken it out but it wont help where I ride.

    Before running the slightly used fork I pulled it apart for inspection added some fresh maxima oil, sram butter and if feels very plush. Absolutely zero stichion.

    Come summer I'll be running Hodags on 80's. Dont plan on running it beyond zero or with tires larger than 27.5x 4.0 so it suits my needs. I weigh in at around 165lbs so I'm hoping I experience much less flex than other heavier riders.

    I sold my XC racer and I'm patiently waiting for the 2020 top fuel to come out so I'll be riding my Farley all summer on pitchy singletrack and a few short bike pack trips

    Here goes nothing! interested to see what all these bluto complaints are really about. Will report back with my personal findings in my local trails.

    The bike
    Rolling the dice with an RCT3 Bluto on a Farley 9.6-20190318_100136.jpg

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    A couple years ago I was on the fence between mastadon and bluto for my farley. So glad I went bluto--no flex that I notice and good range of travel. It's hard to imagine the mastadon suspension being SO much better it's worth a pound and more money but maybe it is for those that ride really hard. As a bonus, when I went single speed last year the remote lock out option is nice to have.

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    Right on! Glad it worked out for you. I'm hoping to take mine out with the D4s today on our super icy single track for the first test run. Will report back!

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    I'm debating doing the same. I have a 100 mm RCT3 as well that i may run this summer with Hodags.

    I have previously run a 100mm Bluto RL on my Farley 7 and it was OK, and I weigh 210.

    I also bought a Fox 34 to run 29+ but I'm undecided on whether to go that route. I sold my old 29+ setup and I'm basically starting over. It would be about $2K to get a proper set of carbon wheels, fork, tires, rotors etc.

    Also considering a separate bike altogether for summer use...a FS 29'er....although it's not 29+, it would still be sweet.

    I considered a Mastodon, i don't like the weight, cost or the potential of it not fitting.

    Likewise, i considered a Pike or Yari 29+ but that's almost the same cost as the Mastodon.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions

    EDIT: I sold the Bluto and the Fox 34....debating what to do next.
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    Better late than never!

    I cannot believe how the bluto has transformed my fatbike. I dont even miss my carbon racer that weighed about 3 pounds less.

    I finally have the tire pressure, fork pressure and volume spacers dialed in and it handles like a dream. In my local terrain I have absolutely zero issues running the bluto and for what it cost me it was a great I investment.

    I can't feel the flex, zero stichion with fresh oil/grease and im having no issues keeping up with all my friends on full susp racers and hard tails. I may be working a bit harder but it's not slowing me down.

    Dont be afraid to run a bluto, especially at 1/4 the price of a mastodon pro!

    Rolling the dice with an RCT3 Bluto on a Farley 9.6-img_20190328_190954_343.jpg

    Rolling the dice with an RCT3 Bluto on a Farley 9.6-img_20190327_205847_684.jpg

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    Wow, such a nice bike.

    Looking at the same bike/setup right now.
    A few questions:

    Did you keep the barb and mulefut wheels?
    With the bluto, how much does the bike weights?
    What will be your winter setup for tires?
    What brand is that rear fender?

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