Rode the Seattle-To-Portland on my Minn. 3.0-
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    Rode the Seattle-To-Portland on my Minn. 3.0

    Just over a week ago I finished the STP as a 2-day (back-to-back centuries) on my Framed Minnesota 3.0. 10,000+ cyclists make this ride and about 1/3 ride it in 1 day and the rest do it in 2 days This 204 mile ride has about 3000 feet of modest climbing and is well supported with numerous food/water stops and excellent traffic and good crowd control. Two of my buds, Chase and Vinny, also made the ride, Chase in 1 day, Vinny and I in 2 days.

    The 3.0 did fabulous with Vee Tire Co "Speedsters" pumped to 28 psi though a pinhole leak (bad patch job) in the rear tube had the back tire leaking down to 19 psi by mid afternoon. Nonetheless I averaged about 12 mph. Saturday had 80 miles of 5-8 mph headwinds that had us solo riders and pacelines grumbling.

    The fat-bike drew hundreds of positive comments and nary a single negative one. I was told it was the only fat-bike participating but I suspect there was likely one other. I'm 61 and no speedster but I sure enjoyed the smooth ride over sewer manhole covers, storm drain grates, potholes, aligatored pavement, and railroad tracks. I didn't run the tires at their rated 36 psi for concern about blowing the tube through the reinforced rim strip and rim cutouts on downhill blasts over 30 mph (not a doubt in my mind that I could've average 13-14 mph with a bit more training and higher tire pressure). When ever I got above 25 mph on long downhills I bled off speed. I could hang with 16-17 mph pacelines till grade changes. Then I'd get dropped. In more mundane riding I'll explore the upper limits psi limits of a reinforced rim strip but for now 25-28 psi seems fine and 20 psi rolls smooooth.

    I run Salsa Woodchipper drop bars and a 22-32 front and 11-32 outback...a "fat compact" setup. Sandals w/eggbeaters & clips were very comfortable. This was my 4th STP (the 3 prior were on a Colnago Dream). I had a lot of fun, great vibe from roadies. The 3.0 ate up typical shoulder debris: grass, weeds, gravel, sand, chip-seal, etc. I avoided one wreck by dodging through a grassy median, the dropping off a curb. The Speedsters get two thumbs up.

    Best comment "I'm tired of passing you, you are embarrassing us". LOL.

    Rode the Seattle-To-Portland on my Minn. 3.0-image.jpeg

    Rode the Seattle-To-Portland on my Minn. 3.0-image.jpg

    Rode the Seattle-To-Portland on my Minn. 3.0-image.jpg
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    Nicely done sir! Love to see Fatbikes being used in this type of arena and a mighty accomplishment to boot.

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    Awesome, love to see the fat tires among all the skinnies.

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    "At least I'm enjoying the ride"

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    That's awesome, congratulations, your a true inspiration. Nicely done!

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    LOVE it!

    I had quite a few friends ride the STP - will have to ask if any of them saw the ol guy on the fattie!

    Well Done!
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    I figured with Seattle and Portland I would see more minibikes and tallbikes in the mix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Co-opski View Post
    I figured with Seattle and Portland I would see more minibikes and tallbikes in the mix.
    In past years I've seen SS beach cruisers, unicycles, and a longboard.

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