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    Riding Studded Year round

    So, I finally got my first Fat Bike - Trek Farley.

    I live in Maine.

    My primary interest in it was for fall/winter/spring riding in snow/slush/ice/generally yucky stuff. I have a FS bike for summer trail riding and all that.

    I don't race. I have done a little Bike packing and hope to do more.

    As I put studs into my tires - Gnarwhals, I wondered about riding the fat bike year round WITH the studs.

    What would the drawbacks be to doing that? I would avoid riding on pavement as much as possible.

    Seems to me the studs wouldn't hurt off road performance on rocky trails or rugged dirt trails. They might actually HELP going over roots and log falls, particularly if wet.

    Any other thoughts?


    ps. I tried to see if this has been discussed before in the forum but the search engine seems to give too many results - or nothing.

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    Traction on rocks and pavement will suffer, and there is more rolling resistance. Otherwise go ahead. The sound of the spikes on hard terrain would drive me crazy year around

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    No problem other than economic. Get a second set of tires, perhaps less aggressive and faster rolling, and you will save wear and tear on your expensive studded tires. You can get years of service out of studded tires if you stick to ice/snow.

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    I was wondering this myself. Im in the same situation, just bought a Fatboy and have been thinking about putting 45Nrth wrathchilds on it. I also live in Maine and my intention is to ride my stump jumper most of the time and the fat bike in the winter. But there will be occasion where my son may ride with me on the fat bike in the other months.

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    I agree w/Solsti, particularly regarding the sound. I also would not want to wear out those expensive studded tires with non-icy riding. Id get another set of tire and keep the ones I'm not using in climate controlled environs when I'm not using them so both sets last as long as possible.

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    They'll be better on roots and logs, and way worse on rocks and pavement.

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    Is this thread actually about not wanting to change tubeless tires?

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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    Definitely get another set of tires for non-snowy times. The sound will drive you insane.

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    I studded my Gnarwhal's last Winter (Viper Red 18' Trek Farley 7)

    Riding Studded Year round-bigred.jpg

    Bought a set of much lighter, faster rolling Barbegazi's for Summer and couldn't be more pleased.
    A bit of a pain with the tubeless setup to swap twice a year, but So worth it.

    Riding Studded Year round-barbegazi.jpg

    That bike is going to my GF in a couple hours as I just bought a new Roarange 2020 Farley 7
    Going to have to do the same seasonal swap over for that one now too

    Riding Studded Year round-2020_farley-7.jpg

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    For me, that makes me feel better. I was unsure how much of a pain changing the tires out would be. 90% of the time the fat bike will be used in the winter. So if it isn't much of a hassle to swap tires on the original wheel set, I'll do that when needed. I'll buy the wrathchilds and put them on, and if my son wants to use it during the other seasons, I'll just change out the tires to the originals. Thanks for the insight.

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    Riding Studded Year round

    I did it back in the day when i had to “set” the studs prior to riding snow. Hola monster packed clay and root grip. Rocks are dicey.

    Just find some hodags or minions for it. Cheaper in the long run.

    Now i just stud and ride Snow/ice. Had never lost a stud either way.

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    The crazy thing about having a winter set of tires is they last damn near forever if you are riding mainly snow and ice, 3 seasons on a set of D5s and still going pretty strong. No longer my front-line tires, but still plenty of life. A lot of summer riding wears the tread down, especially after a season or two.
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    This guy seems to think they are better on rocks...

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    That video doesn't prove much of anything, he's not even riding the bike, no weight on the tires, just pulling them across?

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    I would be OK leaving them on if it's only for occasional summer rides. They will be slower than regular tires, so you have to be OK with that.

    I commute in the winter with my D5's and I'm guessing I'm on tar 70% of the time? They don't lose traction on hard surfaces and as Jayem mentioned the studs and tires have absolutely shocked me as to how little wear they show.
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