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    Ride Report: SCST - Old Mans

    Before I get started, I like the Ride Report format. It is popular on Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum dual sport moto site. I think it works here, too. Fat bike riders tend to go on long epic rides a lot. We have a pic and video thread already. Ride reports have pics or vids AND tell the story of the ride.

    Conditions were still windy today in So Cal, so I went to San Clemente Singletracks (SCST), and that canyon was free of the stiff winds raging elsewhere.

    The flyover is google earth. You may need to pause to let textures load, you can speed up as needed, and pause to zoom to look around, then restart and it resets.

    <iframe width="100%" height="350px" scrolling="no" src="https://www.mapmyfitness.com/routes/render_route_video?route_key=5908308636&site=mapmy fitness.com">
    <a href="https://www.mapmyfitness.com/routes/view/59893246">Imported File Route (12/03/2011)</a> and more routes in San Clemente, CA on MapMyFITNESS. <a href="https://www.mapmyfitness.com">Find route</a>

    SCST is very cool: all the trails there were made by and for mountain bikers. They are all tight, narrow, twisty singletrack. It was fun on the fat bike, but the big tires could be a handful at times.

    I was not planning on it when I started out, but I decided to keep on going to Trestles and add a section of beach sand riding. I arrived to great low tide conditions, and it felt good to drop the Wildfire into conditions it was made for.

    The big girl is easy to balance upright in the sand with no stand.

    Yeah, they're big.

    A similar shot, but I like them both.

    As often happens, I kept going and ended up doing a bigger ride than I had in mind to start. The hard thing about an out and back ride is that at some point you have to decide to turn around and start heading back. I finally did that after Old Man's, but by that point it meant I was in for a 19 mile epic with most of my climbing yet to come. I have not been riding all that much the last few years (I was seduced by the moto dark side). Since September or so I have been refocusing on cycling. I am a long ways and few pounds from the condition I was in a few years ago, so I was hurting on the return leg. I opted to do a road ride shortcut and I took some easier fire road riding. I took a few breaks to eat, rehydrate and recover.

    The ride ended with a wall of a climb:

    I was planning to walk the wall when I got there. But an amazing thing happened: my legs got a second (or third or fourth) wind and I actually felt pretty strong on the climb out. I am training for a 50 mile ride for Rwanda ride in April. If all goes well, I will do it on my fatbike.
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