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    Pugsley w/Lefty- keep same stem length?

    I had a few minor setbacks in my Lefty conversion (scarcity of PBR internals, then my LBS cut the steerer tube too short, lol) but tomorrow I am FINALLY picking the bike up!

    I was curious about the geometry change- I think my axle to crown or whatever is increased with the Lefty Max? Should I compensate for this somehow, or is it a good thing?

    I was itching to get wider bars for the bike anyway, as the stock bars on the '13 Necro complete are way too narrow after riding my Transition Bandit. I'm just wondering if wider bars and a shorter stem is a bad idea on a Pugsley, as I know I'm clearly meant to be leaning down and forward more than on my slack Bandit.

    I may be confusing terms and or issues here, I hope that all makes sense!

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    Yes the AC, even after sag, will be greater with the Lefty. You've got to decide if this change is OK for your style of riding and comfort or not. You can either do the seat of the pants engineering or you can break out the ruler, protractor and CAD program. Personally, I just got the cockpit of both my bikes pretty close to matching for comfort reasons.

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    Personally, I like the ride better with my Lefty Max, but I prefer a more slack HTA. The Pugs with Lefty Max is not as slack as my SC Nomad, and I find that it handles steep climbs pretty well with the stock stem (100mm) and stock bars (or at least better than the Nomad). I intend to put a wider bar on (~30") , and may shorten the stem to 70mm, but I can't see myself going much shorter than that.

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    If anything the higher A-C actually changes the seat tube angle more than anything (fit wise) so the fore and aft position of the saddle should be the first thing you adjust. Then get your bar width figured out and play with stems or measure from an existing bike that you are comfortable on.

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    Thanks guys!

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    LOL 'Local Bike Shop' out them haha!

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    Wouldn´t adding a lefty to a Pugsley go over the limit of the angles it was built and stress-tested for? Has anyone had any issues with this adaptation?

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    Using the shortest of the options (480 a2c) once sagged to 460, is barely 20 mm off of the stock fork. So no, not really.

    Using a Max at 520? Yeah, that's a bit tall for the bike, but I don't anticipate it really being a threat to integrity unless one is a real beefcake on top of it all....

    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

    - FrostyStruthers


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