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    Pugs BB Surface Rust

    Hey guys,

    Been commuting on my pugs all winter up here in Chicago... noticed some surface rust on the spacers attached to the bb. Any advise on this? Anything to be concerned about? Just got it in December, and want to make it last.

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    Maybe give it a good bath and the smear a bunch of grease on it? I didn't think those spacers were steel- mine seems to be aluminium and plastic. The only thing I would worry about is will the rust cause issues with the BB facing. BTW, good on you for commuting by Pugs this winter It's been a rough one.

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    I don't know where you found steel spacers, but replace 'em with some aluminum or plastic ones (preferably aluminum) and check the inside of the BB shell at the same time. If *it* is full of rust then you need to take action. If it's just the spacers, no big deal, but any bike shop should have a big bin of them sitting in the back that you can have for cheap/free, so might as well replace them.


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    Thanks guys,

    The shop said that it is actually from the inside of the frame bleeding onto the spacers - which they say are aluminum.

    If it is the frame, what should I do about it?

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    since it is ridden in salt just drizzle oil on there when you lube the chain and
    let the oil seep in, and keep it sorta wet with oily goo each time you hit the chain

    or blast it with boeshield

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    Take the seatpost out and spray some rust proofing product in there like Frame Saver.

    If you have the tools it wouldn't hurt to remove the BB cups and make sure the threads are well coated in grease so nothing seizes up.

    Other than that just ride the bike have fun.
    Safe riding,


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    Rust never sleeps, but we humans have got to. Entropy always wins in the end. Even "big money" will be defeated, eventually.

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    Stating the obvious here but when you have the seatpost out (to spray in frame-saver) leave the bike upside down for a few minutes so any water from rain/washing etc can dribble out.
    I use a sheep lanolin spray inside my steel Pugsley down here in NZ called Prolan, because I can't source Framesaver. No rust after 8 years of riding beaches and hosing it down afterwards.

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