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    PSI recommendations!

    please recommend PSI for riding on new england beach (many shells) without tubeless tires. do you recommend i go tubeless?

    Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Liteskin 26" Fat Bike Tires
    20lbs baby
    10 lbs of other racks
    so 180lbs total


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    What size JJ's? What riding is expected to be routine?

    @150#'s 8 psi will work well in 4.8's, with 4.0's go up 1-2 psi. The thing of a fatbike is not running rock hard for a pleasant, useful experience.
    Again, all is dependent upon terrain, riding style and loose vs. hard surface. If you are a light rider (Has nothing to do with rider weight) that is smooth, finesseful, lower pressures can be routinely used. A heavier riding style will require more pressure to accommodate the riding style.

    Personally, I am 165 #'s. I do have a very light riding style and run between 3 and 7 psi with my 4.8 Liteskin JJ's. All is dependent on terrain type. Street I refuse to exceed 8 psi since I want a comfortable ride and do not care for the harsh ride that I bought a fatbike to eliminate in the first place.

    Playing with air pressure and Sarge III is going to be fairly similar at this point. Sarge is wearing a pair of Van Helga 4.0's on 70mm rims. 120 TPI for a light rider and comfort, flotation etc. So far, it appears that the 4's will be in the same range as my 4.8 JJ's however, they are very new and will break in and become supple. After some miles, I'll know more about their pressure and performance. Current pressure is 5f, 6r which seems very nice.
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    I'm a big guy (250#) and in my tubed setup, I'm running 8 f/ 10 r on 4.0" tires on a 65 mm rim. I do keep slime in my tubes, since I got one flat and changing that SOB trailside was not fun. I'm in the process of adding a tubeless wheel setup (4.4" on 80 mm rims), so I expect the pressures will be a bit lower. I do also have a light/finesse riding style, so I expect to run something along the lines of 6-7 f /8-9 r with the new setup, since I'll be gaining so much volume between the tires and the rims.


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