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    Powder Coating / Anodizing Marge Lites

    Looking for info

    1. Cost to strip and paint or anodize. Difference in price between two.

    2. I believe anodizing is lighter than paint? How much lighter?

    3. Does one or the other adversely affect tubeless mounting?

    4. How to find a good applicator

    5. Do certain anodized colors fade easier than others? Seems red fades the most in my experience.

    6. Does anodize have "HAL" codes like paints?

    Any pertinent comments welcome or just talk me out of the additional expense and my "always buy black components" mantra.

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    1. Aircraft remover, scotch-brite pad and rubber gloves >$20
    2. 30 grams?
    3. No.
    4. Google
    5. Anodizing, red in particular, needs to be clear-coated to resist fading.
    6. There are color codes, but hues may vary from application to application. talk to your local provider for more info.

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