Now looking into wheelsets - Carbon? Alloy? 80mm? 100mm?-
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    Now looking into wheelsets - Carbon? Alloy? 80mm? 100mm?

    With the forumís help, I think I squared away my crankset question. Now Iím starting to look into wheels. I currently have Mulefut 80 rims on Novatec hubs. The current rear hub accepts Shimano cassettes.

    What is a ďniceĒ wheelset made up of? Some wheelset, especially from China, have seemingly nameless generic hubs. Top shelf stuff has DT Swiss branded hardware. Iím surprised to see quite a few tri-spoke carbon wheelsets.

    Is carbon a good choice for rim material? I was leaning toward tried and tested alloy, like Mulefut 80 V2.

    Are the hubs more or less the same or are they wildly different from each other?

    i need some lessons here.


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    Nothing wrong with mulefuts but stock hubs can be a weakpoint. I upgraded to an i9 because they are reliable and made in the US. For me, the increased points of engagement is the big reason to go with spendy hubs, though some here will discount the validity of that.

    Carbon wheels seem well suited to fat applications, because they donít need a rim strip or tubeless tape and can save a fair amount of weight. The trade off is increased vulnerability to rim strikes and flying rocks. 80mm is a good all around width for most of todayís popular tires with the 100mm best suited to the 5 in rubber and super low pressure prefered by those who ride mainly snowy conditions.

    Whatever your preference, a wheelset upgrade is probably the most noticeable upgrade you can do to any bike, but especially a fatbike. There is no way I would go back to the OE rolling stock on either of my bikes.
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    I recently purchased a wheelset similar to what you have in order to go tubeless (stock wheels were Salsa/Formula hubs with Rolling Darryl rims in 65 mm), and I've been very happy so far. I'm under no illusions about the Novatec Hubs - but i figure when I blow them up I can put something nicer in their place, or go with a custom wheelset built around i9 or Hope hubs. It's all about what you can afford, ya know? Personally I'm not a fan of carbon rims for any MTB application - we have too many rocks here and while you can usually ride a dented rim out, a catastrophically failed carbon rim means you're hoofing it back to the car. They have their place but I doubt my bike will ever be one of those.


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