New rider looking for a Fatbike recommendation, KHS, Norco, Specialized.-
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    New rider looking for a Fatbike recommendation, KHS, Norco, Specialized.

    Hi I am retired and need to get in shape so I have been looking at a fat bike. I have 3 options, all are within $100 of each other. 2019 Specialized Fatboy SE, 2019 Norco Bigfoot 2, or a 2018 KHS 1000.

    I would appreciate any feedback. I obviously will not be riding aggressively. Just want a fun easy to ride bike and incase this doesn't work out something with decent resale value.

    I will be riding on snow trails and woods roads and same without snow in the summer


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    Where will you be riding and in what conditions? (flat/hills, road/gravel/trails, sand, snow, etc.)
    Once that is known, tires can also make a difference, but there's additional costs if they don't come with something suitable.
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    Another factor, what does your LBS stock, nice to ride before to buy.

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    Have you been able to test ride any of the 3 options you mention?
    Do you have a preference for any of them and why?
    Will you be purchasing from your LBS?

    I like the Norco, but so what. Spesh may have better resale value.
    I don't know why,... it's just MUSS easier to pedal than the other ones.

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    Norco appears to have rear 190QR while Spec has 197TA. I'd prefer TA. I think Spec wheels can go tubeless but Norco look like they aren't tubeless ready. Norco has 1x11 drivetrain which I prefer over 1x10. Both have Tektro mechanical brakes.

    Based on 197TA and tubeless ready wheels of the Specialized I'd lean towards that. It should be cheaper and easier to eventually upgrade the drivetrain than wheels and there's no way to update the frame to 197TA. Just my opinion.

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    Have you checked Growler Bikes? The MBS is around the price range of the bikes that you're looking at and if buying from a LBS is your thing they could tell you if one of your local shops carry their bikes; they work with shops and direct to consumer.

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    Farley 5, best bang for the buck

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