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    New member intro....

    Hi everybody,
    I just took delivery of my new Gravity Monster Comp. 14" in Grape Soda
    WOW what bike!!
    I am quite impressed with what I got for 700 clams!
    Even the RSP fork works pretty good, with the rebound setting turned all the way up.(I only weigh 107lbs.)

    It had no scratches, damage or any issue whatsoever,
    I think Bikesdirect has been reading your complaints.

    I just put it together and began riding it,
    It even came wth air in the tires and fork.

    Iv'e only done one 6 mi. technical ride at my local trails soo far,

    but this thing kinda re-kindled my love for riding in the woods.

    you see, I used to ride my FS bike quite a bit until Nov. 26th of last yr.

    when I expirenced "Sudden Cardiac Death"

    My wife found me dead on the couch...
    A couple heart surgerys later and im now feeling much better,
    even with my diagnosis of Cardiac Disease.

    Im 52 I don't drink or smoke.

    Its hereditary according to my Cardioligist.

    So the fatbike is here to make me healthy once again!

    Wish me luck!

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    Welcome, glad you are not dead anymore!!

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    Welcome to the fAt side 5TOEZ!
    I too have had a massive MI and heart surgery. I ride my fatty nearly daily. My cardiologist let me off cardiac rehab because of my fat bike addiction. Yeah, the cardiologist had to twist my arm to get me to ride my bike...NOT! It's been a Godsend to say the least. Just wish I could get offa the meds cause it's like having a governor...Doh!

    Glad you are alive and fAt bikin'!!!

    Here's a link to a thread started by a chap that has taken to fat biking despite all the health issues cardiac and otherwise...
    Get fAt, Stay fAt, Ride fAt
    Doctor recommended...

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    107 lbs! After one year of living the fat bike lifestyle, my guess is you will be closer to 200lbs.

    I am pretty the lower half of my body weighs over 107lbs. I have pretty big balls though.

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    OldBear was over 300#'s before the fatty helped him burn off the calorie overload. He's had cardiac issues as well as a mild stroke. The hell of it is that he is persistent and doesn't give up. He's on a fixed income and has still made the fat happen. I have been selected to be his liaison til he gets the internet back. OldBear texts his posts my way and I transcribe them for him to the forum.

    I however am a 160# beanpole that had a massive Myocardial Infarction a year ago and have had heart surgery to help out. After 6 months, the cardiologist let me off the hook from cardiac rehab and prescribed the fatty to take the place of rehab.

    So, yeah, OldBear and I are living the fatty dream! Yay!
    Get fAt, Stay fAt, Ride fAt
    Doctor recommended...

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