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    Nate rear - which direction?

    I mounted my front Nate and it seems to make sense which direction to have the treads, I'll call it "speed" direction with the chevron v's forward. I'm not so sure on the rear. What's the consensus for the rear direction, "speed" or "traction"?

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    I rode with the front on "backwards" and the rear on the normal way around and rode some very muddy local trails last week and it wasn't as sure footed as I'd of liked it to have been, in fact I was a ittle dissapointed.

    I swapped then around with the front on correctly and the rear on backwards and rode the same trails today but with even more mud and snowy slush and it was a different bike, it felt so perfect and it was the only bike of 40+ riders to clear several very wet and muddy climbs.

    It's the perfect bike for the trails now.

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    I run my rear Nate backwards.
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    My Nates are mounted with the rear backwards and the front's normal as well.
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    Backward on the rear for my Nate.
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    I have mine mounted forward and so far so good, leaps and bounds better than the endomorph.

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    Since there is no rotation direction arrow, is there really a backwards?

    I usually run tires in what Swami calls the "speed" direction, and I have the Nates mounted that way now. Will likely flip the rear to see if it will latch onto the rocks and roots better, not that I had much problem on the first ride.
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    From another thread in which I posted:

    I was also concerned that the Nate in the "backwards" direction would suffer from the "release and buzzsaw" syndrome common to other Nate-like tires like Nevegals or Rampages run in the backwards configuration.

    After running the Nate forward in the rear for 3 weeks and backwards in the rear for 3 weeks, I can say for sure that backwards is far superior. Traction is considerably higher (if that's possible) in all situations (dirt, mud, roots, rock, wet rock, snow). Absolutely no buzzsawing, still a pretty gentle release when traction is lost. Cornering grip is no different that I can notice. Braking performance is somehow improved? I actually have much more difficulty sliding the rear, but I cannot figure out why that is. Rolling resistant is no different.

    Summary: Run Nate backwards in the back. You'll like him even more.

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    So backwards it is to start. Thanks for all of the input.

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    I have tried it "speed" right now.

    I will try it "traction" next time. I don't really think there will be a huge difference. If anything, the "traction" way might just cause more resistance. Thats my thoughts on the subject.

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