My Fat CAAD 3 is 41 lbs!-
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    My Fat CAAD 3 is 41 lbs!

    I'm trying to figure out where the weight is on this thing. Granted - my method is crude. Step on scale, weigh myself, then add the bike and do the math. But I came out with 41 lbs fully loaded (saddle bag, water bottle). Does that seem right?

    I did my rear wheel with that method yesterday and came up with 9+ lbs.

    The biggest contributors to weight, as far as I can tell, are the juggernaut sport tires and the wheels (Cannondale 80mm aluminum alloy - which I can't find the weight specs on).

    I feel like I'm 10 lbs heavy and pushing a tank. Any suggestions on where the weight is hiding?

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    Heavy wheels and tires and tubes are the easiest way to shed weight.
    Do you have lead weight pedals? Haha. Some of the cheap ones are heavy as hell.

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    Given that it's the low-end, you really need to pause and think whether you want to dump a ton of money making it lighter. Wheels are a good upgrade and can be carried over to a new bike, but the source of the weight is going to be the cumulative effect of all the low-end parts, seatpost, seat, stem, handlebar, cranks, brakes, derailleur, cassette, etc. Changing out all that stuff will cost a ton of money and the best case scenario (highest end parts) for the bare bike with real fat tires is around 27-28lbs.

    Take off a few of your accessories and you are likely 10lbs or closer to that number, meaning that if you are really going to drop 10lbs it's going to cost a fortune to replace everything and you'd be better off selling and buying new. The exception being you can spread the cost out over time if you replace stuff, but it'll cost you more in the long run.
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    That was basically the conclusion I am coming too - just checking my sanity. I will be upgrading slowly over time. They're more likely to lower taxes here in NY before I get approval to get yet another bike

    I may give the wheels a look though, it does seem like if there's one big opportunity it might be those.

    Well - actually - as I've always said the #1 and cheapest opportunity is looking back at me in the mirror - It's too bad beer and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly!

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    fat tire tubes weigh close to a pound each.. going tubeless or using smaller 2.x" tubes will lighten things a little. Juggernauts are some of the lightest tires for their size, you can drop weight by going to a smaller tire, which kind of defeats the purpose of fat bikes but it does work. just by changing tires and tubes I dropped like 4 pounds

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    Some Jumbo Jims set up tubeless would go a long long way. Probably about 3lbs.

    I'm not sure what cassette is on there, but a lighter one is another good component to look at. Maybe when you wear out the first one? Great list here:

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    Start with the fork, get rid of the boat anchor they have on the front of that bike. Put a carbon fork on it. Then next is the wheelset. Start with the tubes and tires if you are going to stay with tubes. Or just go tubeless and be done with it. Then its onto the handlebars, seatpost, cranks and all the other parts.

    I had to do the same to my wives CAAD 2 to get that beast under 28 lbs.
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