Mulefut snow shoe mounting pia-
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    Mulefut snow shoe mounting pia

    Had to patch a pinhole in my tube. After struggling for thirty minutes to break the bread on the mulefut/snowshoe come that came on my Lurch, the patch was easy enough. However the real trouble began when I tried to remount the tire. After struggling for an hour I was finally able to get it back on but when I put air to it one side does not seat the bead and the other sides bead jumps the rim. I spent another two hours pulling it on and off, lubing it, trying different combinations of prybars, ratchet straps and tire positions but have only ended up covered in oil, bloody thumbs, and a haggard looking scratched up rim with half a set bead and half a tire hanging off. Has anyone else had this issue or have any idea what the problem is?

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    You mean that the tire jumps off the rim on the otherside? Sounds like you broke the tyre bead when mounting it. If that's the case then you need a new tire...

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    I can tell ya that my 50mm MueFut wheels are a whore to deal with. Seating pressure is over 20 psi. My scrapers seat up @10 psi with the same tire used on each. Go figure!

    It does sound like a faulty bead on one side, Cap'n. Time to look into a fresh tire, indeed.
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    Yes, it jumps off the other side. Spent some time yesterday and found a local shop that was knowledgeable in fat bikes and indeed the conclusion was I damaged the Kevlar support strip on the bead in my remounting struggle. A new juggernaut and I'm back on the road, and substantially lighter. The new tire was a breeze to install compared to the snow shoe. Thanks for the help!

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