Mr. Mom Needs some FB guidance-
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    Mr. Mom Needs some FB guidance

    In all fairness, I have not ridden a bike in a good while.
    My last bike was a Mariachi - u know, walk in with X budget, next thing I know I've got a $7500 build.

    Fast forward to now. My son is now becoming a toddler. LOL, just bought myself a scooter just to get him engaged on his scooter. Same goes for a engage him on his Woom Bike

    I've been eyeballing used Farley carbons, and have had my eyeball on the NTB TI. Eyeballed a Beargrease on CL

    Maybe I need some sense of reasoning from the Mtbr gang.
    Bikes just drop $$$ value as fast as my weekend boat
    I don't see myself riding just short of playing Mr. Mom time with the kiddo. I can spend middle of the road and I can spend the spend....I'm cost conscious these days when it comes to toys, especially for something I won't really use. Maybe I should just buy a Boris X5 and call it a day. Is BD the endall/be all of where I should be looking at bikes.

    Have been browsing PB as well , on/off

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    I would buy something used that is not a complete piece of garbage and have fun riding it with your son. No need to buy something great or carbon. Maybe buy a trailer to pull the little guy around. I pull my son around in a trailer, he likes it, I get good exercise and we stop at parks for him to get out and play.

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    Agree with Bacon Fat.
    Get a lower end (read: BD) new or middle road used and you'll get your money's worth even if it's only with your son. If you find yourself with that trademark fatbike ear to ear grin and can't get enough it sounds like you might have the budget to get what you want.... and there will be lots of great options.
    (for my part, I'll plug the Growler line - their Nitro carbon is waay cheaper than most for an amazing build, but there are a lot of fantastic bikes out there).
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    Why do you want a fat bike? Snow, sand, or just something different. Plus bike might be more fun.

    There are lots of bikes used on PB. Best bet is to demo bikes, ride your friend's bike, get a sense for what you like, then get it used.

    I had a BD Lurch, you get what you pay for...

    I had a Beargrease CF, nice bike, lightweight, built it frame up, it rode kinda hard (stiff) so I sold it.

    I have a Kona Wozo now, built it frame up, love it, playful and fun for a fat bike. If I had to pick a reasonabley priced complete bike, the Kona Wozo would be a good place to start, add a second wheelset for four season riding.

    The price of the bike does not change the frequency that you ride, just saying, a bike is a bike, don't just spend money to get some bling that sits in the garage collecting dust.

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    You want this:

    make sure you have Di2 installed

    S-works Carbon
    "Put your seatbelt back on or get out and sit in the middle of that circle of death." - Johnny Scoot

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    Too much black for me, maybe a nice deep red with gold highlights.

    [QUOTE=;13287955]You want this:

    make sure you have Di2 installed


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