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    On this morning's commute...

    on my way into town this morning, after I'd left our city's greenway path, I was rollin' down the "6th ave bike route"... carrying a pretty good pace... 33 or 34 degrees so I've got some warm togs (also known as swag now days) on... and i'm approching this guy, maybe 16 or 17, in a big 'ol loose fitting parka; no hat or helmet; no gloves on a bike thats way to small...looks like maybe his little sisters, from wal-mart or somewhere. He's cruisin' pretty good but still I'm gonna have to pass him pretty quick. He's doin' that thing where if a car comes up behind him he switches to the on coming lane to " get out of the way" then when theres on coming traffic he switches back... no clue. So I shift up and start to pull on buy and he picks up the pace too...and he's over ridin' in the wrong lane again... ears, nose and fingers red as a tomato, and before I could smirk or scoff he turns to me with a grin from ear to ear and says "I love bikes"! I tell him "right on man, no gas no license tabs,no insurance" and he gives me the thumbs up. Still I'm thinkin' I'll put it in the big chain-ring now and leave him behind. After a couple more blocks I look over and he's right there with me - grin still in place - and he waves & says "have a great day" and rips a left turn and heads into downtown. Humbling, inspiring - theres your true cyclist. pure, untainted, inoccent,no "swag". doesn't care what kind or whose bike he's on or if it fits him. Just the wind in his face and a grin from ear to ear. Right on dude ! pleasure ridin' with ya!

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    Awesome! I'm grinning ear to ear just thinking about it.

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    great story. when i worked at a shop there was a food store on the other end. they had a "cart guy" figure it out. he had this old beat up bike. it weighed a ton and didnt shift out of the big ring. after work we would go for a road ride. he would hop on the back of the pace line and we couldnt shake him. 20+mph on a junker after a hard day rangling carts. it made us shake our heads. no gear except his yellow vest. helmet on backwards, toe clips and a winter coat in the summer. Fn loving it. yelling at us to go faster.
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