So I recently bought a set of used studded Dillinger 5 tires. I wanted to use the tried and true split tube method on my Fatboy wheels. This has been a perfect setup for my Ground Controls after countless frustrating ghetto tubeless attempts! The beads on the d5's were so loose there was no way of getting them to seat. I tried every trick but redneck starting fluid! This frustrated me so much so I ended up installing tubes because I had a race. The next night I thought of this solution, one would think it's a bit time consuming but compared to wrestling around with a tire for 2 hours this is nothing!
Tires were mounted with tubes to start:

1- I got my 24 inch tube and got it ready to install (cut it and cleaned the powder off)
2-let the air out of the tube and popped one side of the bead off.
3-installed my split tube onto that side of the wheel and made sure the other side and valve stem were positioned correctly on the wheel.
4-aired up the tube to pop the bead back on this side.
5-flipped wheel over and carefully unseated that bead. Removed tube and put my split tube into place. Added 3oz of sealant.
6-carefully flipped wheel back over so gravity helped the bead get close. (Same as tubeless install)
7-used air compressor to pop bead on.

Just did this on both wheels and it worked great.

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