Larry - what direction do you folks run?-
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    Larry - what direction do you folks run?

    I searched and read thru a few threads on Larry rotational direction, especially running in reverse in the rear. Few questions:

    1) For clarification, what is “reverse” versus “regular?” I imagine arrows pointing forward as viewed from the top (like a tractor) is “regular.”

    2) Is there a consensus regarding improved rear traction (pedaling) with Larry in reverse in back? Are there differences in this regard for snow, sand, dirt?

    3) Are there notable handling differences with Larry in reverse in front? Has anyone tired it? [I notice considerable wash-out, or understeer, in front with Larry in the conventional direction while riding dirt (assuming #1 above is correct)].

    Just looking for others’ experiences.


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    I've done #3. I was in a hurry, and didn't intend for the orientation. So far I've noticed no change in understeer, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling some in the first place. Curiously, if I manhandle the front end when it washes out, it very quickly finds purchase again. Odd.

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    I run the rear reverse in the winter, normal (arrows forward) in the summer.

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    Is there a noticeable difference in rear traction with Larry's reversed in winter / wet conditions?
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    If so, I'm not good enough to tell. I detect more difference between 8 and 10 psi than I do from tire direction. And an 8 psi tire becomes a 10 psi tire during the course of a typical 2-3 hour morning ride!

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