Its that time of the year again, wet muddy slush snow packed trails and no more carving single tracks. Ktrak has been around for 5-6 years as I recall (might be wrong). Every year, I want to get one but always wonder if it will work, will I actually go out and ride and how often. I always spot great deals in March of every year as most people are getting rid of them. But at that time, its just going to be sitting around for another half a year.

After reading some really in depth review on mtbr, here are some major downside of it:
- weight
- heavy stroke
- slow (I would say the max you can go on a Ktrak on XC trails is running pace), nowhere near summer times
- float-ability on powder / deep snow

Pros: it actually gives you some traction on snow and its rideable (but not easy)

So the conclusion is if you are going to use it on a XC trail / summer XC biking trail, all you are getting is a workout but no fun. So I turned my head around and consider taking these up a ski lift. There are many reviews on mtbr and youtube about riding Ktrak down a ski resort and as long as its groomed trails, it seems to work quite well. So I am actually planning to buy a Ktrak this year to head to the slopes and do some DH. I reckon I have been skiing for the past 15 years and xc-mtbing for 8. So this can't be too hard.

My question after all the above is will any ski resort allow the Ktrak? I mean there can be insurance problem, safety, rules and regulation, etc. I was going to e-mail a couple of places about it but I wanted to provide them a link to the Ktrak website so they know what I am on about. However, the Ktrak website has been down for a couple days at least and its currently still not accessible.

Anyone had any experience with Ktrak or even a fat bike on a DH ski trail?