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    Juggernaut Pro vs Sharp Sapling

    I have just gotten 3 super slow leaks in the tube under the Juggernaut Pro 26x4 tires. I like ride in the grass that is covered with sapling cottonwood trees that are alive and cut last year with field mower. When I run over the live and dead saplings that are cut off at about an inch or two from the ground it makes a nice snapping/rubber twang. I need to order some sealant resolve the slow leaks.

    My question is:
    If I go tubeless with the thin Juggernaut Pro will the sharp saplings cause more damage than if I leave the tune in it? I assume the tube is giving the tire more structure and that is what is preventing the twig from going all the way through the tire right now. I have the tires aired up 25 to 30 psi as I am riding on gravel, blacktop and grass right now and donít need the added traction of low pressure. I assume if I lowered the pressure the twigs would be less likely to poke holes but I like riding on rock hard tires when I can.

    I wonít be going tubeless until I get home this fall and will probably need new tires by then anyways but would still like to know if the Juggernaut Proís could hold up tubeless to sharp twigs sticking out the ground.

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    Frankly, the tube will stiffen up the tire slightly and give it a minor reinforcement over tubeless.
    And, on the pressure side of things, if I ran my fatbike with that kinda pressure, I would leave a trail of teeth along my route as they are shaken outta my face!

    The idea of riding lower pressures with fatbikes is partly for a comfortable ride, partly traction and flotation. Lower pressure will also allow the tire to give rather than act like a pin cushion for those "sharp saplings" and other tire damaging items. While it will not eliminate punctures, it may prevent some of em from happening in the first place.

    An option that may help ya is Mr. Tuffy liners that are offered for fat tires.

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    Even 10 - 15 psi is pretty high for fat tires....

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    I second the 10 to 15 lbs. When I ride my juggernauts on the road, I just put 12 or 13 in front and 15 in the rear.

    I ride a pro in the rear and a sport in the front. I found at low pressure the pro sidewalls are too soft for the front.

    I run tubes. On a juggernaut pro the side walls are so thin you have to paint sealent on the inside before you set them up, or the sealent will just bleed through.

    So, I don't think the Jug Pro is the best tire to go tubeless.

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    Kenda's Pro tires oughtta do well for loose sand riding, being as supple as they are.
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