• 12-28-2018
    Jones H Loop Bar and Dogwood Poagies??
    Hello. I was wondering if anyone had tried the Dogwood Poagies on the Jones H Loop Bar? I love my Jones bars, but the poagies I had for my straight bars do not fit with the Jones. I have heard great reviews about the warmth of Dogwood Poagies and have read of one person who said they worked with their Jones bar, but they didn't specify which Jones bar they were using. Has anyone used this specific combination before, and if so could you give me your thoughts? If I don't get any solid answers, I'll probably just order a pair, take my chances and use them on other bikes if they don't work with the Jones H. Either way, I will post my thoughts and experiences with this combo once I give them a try. Big cheers to all and a Merry New Year 2019! EDIT: If anyone has used another poagie that matched well with the Jones H Loop, I'd love to hear those recommendations as well. Thanks.
  • 12-28-2018
    I just put the 45North Pogies on my Jones bar, works great.

  • 12-28-2018
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    I have a pair of dogwood design poagies specifically made for Jones H Bars. Purchased them probably 5 years ago from Speedway cycles. At the time these were the last pair they had instock. The poagies fit fine on the Ti version of the H-bar. The poagies are designed to handle the sweep and the double tubes of the h-bar.

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    I could be persuaded to let them go. I no longer run H-bars, but do run these on big sweep bars. And yes these are pretty freaking warm. I have run them barehanded down to 15 deg F. Below that temp I usually wear long finger summer biking gloves. Any glove thicker than summer gloves just causes my hands to sweat.

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  • 12-28-2018
    Regular ones work unless you're running longer grips.
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    Nice freaking shot/spot, Cal.
  • 12-28-2018
    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all of your help and insights. I contacted the folks at Dogwood Designs via phone this afternoon and she was very responsive, helpful and nice. She sent me a pdf of all of their newest designs (2018-2019) with the measurements/dimensions. Tons of great colors. Oddly, the dimensions and openings would seem to work on paper, but their literature states "The poagies are made to fit the standard straight handlebar type. They are not made to fit multilayered handlebars." Not entirely sure if a Jones H bar falls into that category. She wasn't entirely sure if they would work. Additionally, I called Jonesbikes as well and Jeff Jones said he had never tried them, so he too was unsure if they would be a good match. So this has me scratching my head a bit. To top it off I started playing around with my Wolf Tooth poagies and I might be able to make them work with a couple of minor alterations. I still may just order a pair as I think based on their dimensions and some of the responses from this thread they may work. Not to mention the red/black version would look sweet with Andy's Apple Red Krampus. I'll keep you posted. Again, thank you.