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    Ice Cream Truck Headset Dilemna

    Okay, so I actually ended up with a Bluto yesterday as a birthday gift. Was actually hoping to run a Lefty on my ICT but I'll be running a Bluto now.

    When going to put the fork on, there was not a crown race included with the fork. NBD, I'll just pick one up at the bike shop tomorrow.

    I took the stock fork off to see if it had a split race that I could just move to the Bluto, and the lower bearing pulled out with the fork. It has a Cane Creek crown race that adapts a 1 1/2 steer tube to fit a 1 1/8 straight fork on it. There is a ridge in the middle that the lower bearing had pressed around.

    I was under the impression that these bearings should move freely and drop in and out of their cups, but this one was stuck fast. I lightly tapped it with a mallet to see if it would free up.

    The outer race with the bearings still inside it popped free leaving the inner race stuck to the crown race. I was then able to pry this up with a small screw driver.

    The bearing snapped back together and feels smooth, but should I continue to use it after it's been separated like that? Maybe they all do that, but I was surprised to see a cartridge bearing come apart.

    It's a Cane Creek 40 series 52mm bearing if it matters. Lower cup is EC44.


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    I once worked a temp job at a bearing factory. I assembled cartridge bearings, as well as disassembled the ones that were out of spec to recycle the parts. If you get it put back together, it should be fine. Grease the bearings thoroughly. And grease all the interfaces when reassembling with the fork.

    Make sure you get the crown race transferred from your rigid fork over to the new Bluto, though.

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    Yeah it popped back together with an audible snap. I didn't add grease to it so I can either leave it or pop it open again. Which would you suggest?

    The bummer was that my current crown race won't work so I have to go shopping anyway.

    I'm relieved to know I can still use it.


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    For the record here's a pic of the bearing. I was able to open it with my hands.

    Should I still just grease it and use it?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ice Cream Truck Headset Dilemna-20160101_125052.jpg  

    Ice Cream Truck Headset Dilemna-20160101_125524.jpg  

    Ice Cream Truck Headset Dilemna-20160101_125555.jpg  

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    Dude its a headset. Grease it and get riding. If it still bugs you, when you get a chance run down to the local bike shop and purchase a new bearing. The local performance sold me a couple bearings for $3 each. Don't ask for a new headset - just ask if they have any bearings lying around in the parts bin.

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    Marine grease, install and ride. As long as you didn't damage the seals with the screw driver, that headset will last just as long as a new one.

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