• 02-26-2014
    I need a favour, bike related, just not fat related :)
    Looking for a favour from fellow fat bikers, cyclists in general please?
    I have a project bike in my garage that needs one part to get it up and running, trouble is this is an older style part and tough to locate here in Australia.

    The bike project has special meaning as we used to import the Easton tube sets and get the frames welded locally, before completing the frames and assembling in the shop I worked in at the time :)

    The part is described in the link below, some may ask why not just order it myself? Well they want $50+ for shipping for a damn bolt :( wtf. Shipping can be to either PO box at 4214 zip or shop address with 4211 zip. Is there such a thing as cheap post anymore?

    If anyone would be willing to purchase the part and ship to me in Australia I will gladly pay all costs and be very grateful.
    Shipping can be slow as no great rush to finish the project, just want it done as a keeper :)

  • 02-26-2014
    Whoa, just been looking for quotes online and post seems ridiculously expensive to send something so small.

    Does anyone know of a low cost postage/shipping company to send this small part to Australia?
  • 02-26-2014
    Steve Balogh
    That doesn't make any sense to me. I've sent probably five packages to my friends and relatives in Australia in the last 2-3 years by USPS. I want to say shipping a large guitar effects/looping pedal to a friend in Adelaide cost somewhere around $75-$85 USD; $50+ for that $4 bolt? I've also sent two sets of DVD's of vids I shot in Melbourne back to a friend of mine for far less. Unless shipping increased dramatically this year I'm thinking someone's charging you labor for time spent filling out customs paperwork.

    Check www.USPS.com
  • 02-26-2014
    Steve Balogh
    What might be going on is what is shown on USPS's website isn't complete, I don't see the small media boxes. I've often found taking the item to the post office and asking an employee face to face works best.

    Edit: My bad, I didn't scroll the small button. A CD flat rate box from Detroit to Australia is $23.50USD via USPS. Whatever source you choose, if the item cannot fit in an envelope tell them to go with the CD/DVD box. The bigger boxes go for $44+ easily.
  • 03-04-2014
    Doesn't seem like you're getting this resolved. I'll take care of it. PM me a shipping address, to let me know you still want it....