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    Holy Wrathchild! Goodbye Dunderbeist

    I posted a while back about difficulties I've had studding my Dunderbeist. Because of the softness and sipes of the tread I couldn't get grip studs or Kold Kutters to stay. Lost a LOT of grip studs (ouch at $1 each). I tried the home made stud pockets and inserted some 45 North XL concave studs which seemed to work OK but decided to bite the bullet and get the WC with XL studs. I removed the remaining grip studs from the Dunder and put them in my already-grip studded Bud up front and I now have the ultimate ice bike! Yesterday I was riding large patches of wet shear ice, rutted ice, and off camber ice and could not get either tire to slip. A WC in front is probably better in ice than grip-studded Bud, but I believe the Bud is still the superior front specific snow tire. Can't comment on Lou; doesn't fit my 170mm frame. $235 is a lot to spend on a tire but the ice confidence is definitely worth it, especially if it keeps me out of the ER!

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    Yes, a Bud is a better snow tire up front than a Wrathchild in soft or off camber conditions. However, the Wrathchild is generally quite decent in snow, it's primary limitation is its modest size. With the XL studs the WC is an angry angry ice tire! I've ridden quite a bit of slick angled ice with no issue, including creeks and jumbled river ice.
    It's very confidence inspiring.

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    Two weekends on WC. Its like riding on dry surface. VERY confidence inspiring.

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    I've got Wrathchildren front and back. Love them!!!

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