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    Hello, Fellow Fatties...

    It's my first time, so be gentle...

    Hello, Fellow Fatties -

    Thrilled to find a Fat Bike specific forum here on MTBR. After a couple of years of riding a full-sus 29er, I was bitten by the Fat bug a while back, and purchased a new 2013 Salsa Mukluk 3 about a month ago.

    This thing has changed my entire approach to riding, and for the better. Whatever the day calls for - XC, AM, or even DH, - the big Mukluk just rolls wherever I point it and I laugh all the way. I've yet to push it too far on the limits of catching air - maybe 12" or so max, but I've seen other folks pushing twice that on a Fatty.

    Have all the various "entry level" questions - PSI, pedal setup, seat dropper yes or no, and the like. We'll get to that. For now, just happy to find this forum, and looking forward to being a part of it.

    Fat Bikes Forever!


    P.S. - that full-sus 29er I mentioned... yeah, I sold it. Felt like riding a toy after a couple of weeks on the Mukluk.

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    In the spirit of brevity, I'll not compare when and where I like my Muk vs other, normal (lesser?) steeds. But in the ever-present northeast rock gardens, the fattie is simply cheating. I know what I can clean, might clean, or can't do. The Muk grades all those on a curve.
    Have fun.

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    I've yet to find a situation where my Muk left me longing for, as you put it, a "lesser" steed. Looking forward to really learning the in's & out's of Fatness.

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    Welcome to the club fatties rule! It is kinda like cheating sometimes hah.

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    Where are you from? If your in the Pacific North West, the NW Fatbikers are getting together at Ocean Shores Wa. this month on the 21st & 22nd... PM for info...

    Welcome! Cheers!!

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    Out in the Midwest, a long ways (sadly) from the NW. But thanks for the info!

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