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    Handlebars - Which ones should I get?

    I know I've made many threads like this in the past, but keep in mind i'm upgrading components.

    So, i've come to the handlebar section of upgrades (i ended up not buying any brakes. I'm going to buy a pair of shimano mt200 hydraulic brakes considering the weight of my tires) on aliexpress.

    Now, I've had my handlebars for about a year now, and I need to replace them, the paint has started to chip off and I dont really feel like painting them. They're made out of steel and i've decided I need something lighter like aluminum alloy.

    I've got 2 options that I like and that both are on amazon and have a rise.


    Honestly out of the 2 of them I like both, but which one should I buy? I want to replace the headset, seatpost and pedals. If I buy the Upanbike bars I can do that but if I just buy the Ultra FR Os bars I can only afford the bars. Which one should I buy?

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    Why do you want such a narrow bar? I wouldn't go any narrower than 720mm.
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    Get which ever one suits your needs the best for the rise of the handle bar and the width of the handle bar, though you can cut them shorter if you so wish but the rise of the handlebar is important. With the selections you chose, a very minimal rise there are 100's of handlebars out there so you just need to select which one is the best price, the material you want, steel or aluminum or carbon.

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    In my experience, wide handlebars help to overcome (well, not exactly overcome, but at least deal with) the fact that fatbikes are harder and much slower to accelerate. The increased leverage from wider bars helps a lot with those first few pedal-strokes from a stop or when you've slowed down a bunch IME. It allows you to really throw your body weight into it. The added benefit is being able to hold the front end straight in choppy and rocky terrain. So my two fatbikes range from 785 to 810mm for the bars. IME, modern handlebar widths (what you'd see on a new bike for various heights of riders) are around 760-800 or so. If you are shorter, like riding a medium or smaller frame, closer to 760, if you are larger, closer to 800.
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    To each their own, I like a 21" width handlebar just for cruising around but I like a tall riser with some sweep back to them but that all depends on the bicycle, like many we have many a bike in our triple car garages.

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