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    Full Susp Farley EX v Carbon Beargrease

    I can get either @ decent price ...

    Full suspension fat bike ? Overkill?

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    Depends on your riding style and if it is going to be your only bike. If its going to be a one bike quiver, the Farley EX for sure. You can easily run it in 29 x 3.0 mode in summer and have a decent trail bike and swap to fat in the winter.

    If you already have a full sus that you enjoy and just plan on using the fat bike mostly in winter, then go carbon beargrease.
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    One of the only downsides to full squish bikes is the extra maintenance. If you are ok with that, they are more comfy in 99% of riding conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNatureBoy View Post
    I can get either @ decent price ...

    Full suspension fat bike ? Overkill?

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    I'm confused by all the threads you have started. I see over 40 in the past year alone.

    You had a Farley 9.6 and sold it claiming "fat biking isn't your thing"


    Now you're looking at 2 more fat bikes? one FS and one rigid? Complete opposites.

    More recently you said you have a Wozo:


    Don't get me started on the 20 different trail bike threads or tire sizes.

    What exactly are you looking to use it for?
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