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    Front Rack for QR

    I've been looking at getting a front rack for my 616 Muenzie. My fork has 3 mounts on the lower middle side and a drilled hole in the crown that i had planned to use to mount fenders but never did. I've been searching but have yet to find a rack that will work besides some OMM racks but those are just too dang expensive. I found a Surly front rack locally but it looks like it would require to have one of the separate eyelets down by the skewer which i don't have. Any care to point out the obvious choice i'm missing?


    Pics because adventuring via fat bike is where its at!
    Front Rack for QR-65153fd8b4f7833ce3f272ebf989787e.jpg
    Front Rack for QR-13521938_10157111436470154_5051531798315293968_n.jpg
    Front Rack for QR-15873386_10158047783175154_2583643374795961173_n.jpg
    Front Rack for QR-18034333_10158622000675154_7521963790219669986_n.jpg
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    I wanted a front rack to go along with my rear one on my Fatboy. But for one thing, the carbon fiber front fork is not friendly to solid mount attached racks. So I bought a used aluminum Fatboy fork; fitted where my Surly Nice rear rack would fit best on the fork and marked the areas with masking tape, X's on the tape where I wanted rivnuts installed.

    My LBS handled the riv-nut installation at a minimal cost.

    Highly recommend you consider what I did here as it provides a solid footing for the rack at 4 places instead of just three with what you intend.

    PS: I have personally found OMM to be quite unresponsive anymore as far as contacting them via email. Been even waiting on a simple rear light mount for about 3 plus weeks now with absolutely no correspondence from them after making payment. So I recommend to stay away.

    Front Rack for QR-100_1858.jpg
    Front Fatboy aluminum fork fitted with rivnuts to accept a rear Surly Nice rack.

    Front Rack for QR-100_1862.jpg
    Finished front fork with Surly Nice and dyno light. Painted using 2 part primer and paint from Eastwood....


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    rivnuts is a great idea! Plus then i can essentially pick out nearly any rack and make it work. thanks and sharp bike!

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