Friends Fat Bike Recommendation LOL!-
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    Friends Fat Bike Recommendation LOL!

    So I asked a buddy who owns a Moonlander if I should buy a Fat Bike, this is his response:

    In the days of yore the first man-powered steeds of simple clockwork were crafted. Many a fortnight have passed since and what hath waxed? Strong materials smithed from the depths of the Earth have cometh! Overmany geometric angles tested and established for all manner of transport! Now a fullsome assortment of reliable steeds is upon us all - and quite impressive steeds indeed!

    Whence thou becomes smitten with a steed of advanced clockwork, it may henceforth blind thee to thine own innermost desires for a return to simple things. I beseech thee; is this not unlike choosing ale over mead this evening? Mayhaps thou desires a red wine with thy leg of lamb? Dost what thou feels is right and good and true. Thou shant fear it, for it is thy inner voice, thine honest self, speaking from deep within. It is thy personal duty to listen and abide, else tarry for life!

    Onuppan all, trust thine gut and thou shalt be fulfilled in every way!

    I guess I should get a Fat Bike

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    Having said that; what else is there?

    A-N-D you still are not sure?

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    That reply says more about your friend than the bike.

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    Personally I think you friend wears his tights, well a little to tight.

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    Thy friend is a learned man! Heed his words!
    Let the market decide!

    N42.58 W83.06

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