I ride an XL frame (probably XXL would be ideal). The larger the frame the greater its ratio of 100% of the bike's total weight.

I know the use/application differences, FB vs. 27.5+. For year 'round one bike use, I suspect I'd prefer 27.5+ if it weighed less than a similar FB. If both bikes weighed the same I'd prefer the FB.

Dealer said the Salsa BG carbon HT frame is proprietary and sold by no other OEM. Dealer said the Heller he also sells, and all known carbon HT 27.5+ frames, are heavier than the Salsa BG, and sold by multiple OEMs.

Dealer said the Heller 27.5+ carbon HT frame would weigh the same or more likely "1 to 1.5 lbs more" than the Beargrease FB frame. (Remember we're talking XL.)


I'd rather save the cost of 27.5+ wheel/tire set for the BG FB post-purchase.

What if any XL 27.5+ HT carbon frame weighs less than the XL Salsa Beargrease FB frame? How much less?