Frame bag for beargrease.-
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    Frame bag for beargrease.

    Just curious to what everyone is using for frame bags on their beargrease. I am fimiliar with Relevant bags but are there any other brands that are superior? If you are using Relevant bags, what size are you using per your bike, what are you carrying, what events are you using them in, and how do they work? I have yet to see a frame bag actually being used so curious to what others who have experience with them think about them. Are the seat post bags more functional for fat biking; or are they good used in tandem? Any info would be great.

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    Frame bag for beargrease.

    I have a Revelate and a Porcelain Rocket frame bag, and a Revelate seat bag. I like the frame bags better, and can find no difference between the two brands.

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    I have yet to purchase a framebag but my research has me pretty much settled on going with a custom bag built specifically for the bike. My short listed bags are #1 Bike Bag Dude and #2 is an Alpkit Fat Bike Stingray.


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    I have the stock Revelate made Salsa bag for my medium Mukluk. It fits great and I find it very useful. I just pretty much leave it on the bike and it always has a tube in it. I find that it works well for the heaviest things that I'm taking on a particular trip. I also have a seatbag, but I only use that when I am bikepacking. Seatbags are very useful and I think you either need one or a rack with panniers for bikepacking, but I wouldn't want to use one instead of a frame pack. They upset the balance of the bike more, they make getting on and off the bike a little harder, they are harder to get things in and out of than a frame bag, and they can be a problem with a dropper post. But they are an essential piece of bikepacking gear and they fit pretty much any bike.

    If you are actually riding in the cold, which I don't do because of where I live, I could imagine using both on a day trip.

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    I had a Revelate bag for my pugs and I kept it on all winter long. Water tended not to freeze when kept inside of it, so it worked better than a waterbottle cage in that aspect. I did a 153 mile 1 day bike ride event and it carried everything I needed for the whole day(including pizza & beer!). When I sold my pugs, it went with it.

    Now I have a Beargrease and I am having Bike Bag Dude from AU make one for it. I wanted a white one(since I got the white BG) and he makes solid shit. I plan on doing the same thing and just leave it on the bike all winter long. Probably summer too, since I plan on doing some endurance rides and campouts. He custom made it to my frame(like I sent him a template of my actual triangle). Solid workmanship too!
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