Frame Bag attachment point idea, advice needed. Full zipper enclosing top tube-
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    Frame Bag attachment point idea, advice needed. Full zipper enclosing top tube

    I should probably post this here, as well as in bikepacking, since it is for a fat bike and anyone with the same bike will posting here too.

    I'm about to do a DIY frame bag for my On One Fatty, and I'm looking for some advice on attaching it to the frame.

    It looks like most use multiple velcro tabs. This seems like a good route, but I feel like I can do better, since this will be custom to my frame.

    My idea is to completely enclose at least the top tube(s) in fabric, and enclose with a zipper. Because of the dual top tubes of this frame, a centered zipper won't touch the metal, and I would overlap fabric under it just in case. I am also considering using neoprene for the top tube wrap, so that there is some give and softness to it.

    I might go the same route for the down tube, or I might sew in a stiffener and bolt to the water bottle bosses. I am leaning towards that route in order to give more shape to the bag.

    Has anyone done this before? My searching hasn't shown anything like this yet. I hope that doesn't mean that it is a bad idea.

    I am a pretty solid sewer and I am looking to make a pretty overkill bag: Vinyl Coated Polyester, big zipper for opening, very water resistant, and filling the whole front triangle.

    Any comments on other attachment methods is appreciated as well.

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    Sounds like it would look great! I think a couple of reasons why bag makers don't use zippers is that it makes a dedicated bag (straps are versatile) and good zippers increase the material costs.

    Be sure to include a backup attachment in case the zipper fails in the middle of nowhere and it'll be golden.

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    A zipper would also make it easier to remove the bag. My Revelate takes about half a day to remove, but it is secure.
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