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Thread: Which Fork?

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    Which Fork?

    I'll be upgrading my wheels and part of that will include a new fork, since my current fork is 135mm QR. Most wheelsets seem to be 150/15 T/A so I've been looking at forks to match. Any opinions on the forks listed below or suggest any others? I'm not sure I trust the ebay chinese carbon ones.

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    What is the current axle-crown height of your current fork? How much do you want to spend? Are you only interested in carbon?

    I have a alu Framed fork hanging on the wall from an Alaskan. I ride with a chinese carbon fork in the snow and no issues but the axle is less than stellar. The axle is basically a qr housed in 15mm tube which bears the weight while the qr snugs it tight. The Framed is a screw-in axle.
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    Many fat bikes sold are simply Chinese frames that companies source and put their name on. The Framed and Fyxation carbon frames of a couple years ago appeared the exact same frame & fork as a Chinese carbon. As such, I would not rule out a Chinese fork. I would do enough research on them to make sure it has a proper through axle.

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    I'll have to measure the current fork I have on there, specs aren't listed online. Guess I wasn't aware most of them are Chinese forks.
    I'm not necessarily dead set on carbon, if an aluminum one would fit my needs. As far as budget, I guess $300 would be about the highest I'd prefer to go.
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    Sarma Hoboy had great fork a little flex. RSD had one great fork stiff as fu*K.
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