First Fat Ride Brings Up First Fat Question-
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    First Fat Ride Brings Up First Fat Question

    Hey everyone,

    I received my Muk 2 yesterday afternoon (one of the supposedly "bad" anno jobs that was offering up at a discount). They shipped the bike built, which sounded better in theory than in practice, because after a quick lap around my driveway, I realized it really needed a complete going through (not sure who they're letting build bikes over there, but my wife could have done better work and that's really saying something) Long story short, I didn't have a chance to test her out on singletrack until tonight.

    I'm lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that has a great piece of trail at the end of it, so I headed down the street and shortly after hopping on the singletrack I realized that I was running the tire pressure too high. When I hopped off the bike and threaded off the cap on the valve stem, poof, out comes the stem with the cap and there goes just about all of the air in my rear tire. I didn't think much of it, because I'd brought along a high volume mini pump, but unfortunately, my pump only works by threading onto the valve stem. While I don't have any trouble airing up the tire, as soon as I attempt to disconnect the pump and thread it off, the valve stem wants to come with it. After a few attempts, I realized that I was just going to have to overinflate the tire, let the stem come off with the pump and do my best to plug the stem with my finger and save as much air as I could while I pieced it back together. Needless to say, this left me with what would be an imperfect pressure setting, but I was still having a blast for what little riding I'd accomplished and I continued down the trail for a ways to check out the Muk's climbing and descending abilities on snow. (Which by the way, I found to be really impressive, despite my now somewhat underinflated front tire.) The moon was up and I was grinning from ear to ear testing out my new rig some undulating singletrack.

    Anyways, onto my question: Obviously this issue has come up for many of you and has probably been discussed elsewhere on the forum (although I didn't see it anywhere). Are you guys using a dab of loctite on the valve stem threads or what are you doing to keep the inner portion of the stem from threading out and losing all of your air? If the cap is enough to unthread it, I'm going to continue having major problems with my current pump and I'd rather not replace it. Thanks in advance.

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    Yeah I suppose you could put Loctite on it. I've had it happen and I just used the little flat spot on top of the valve to tighten it down with a wrench and it never came loose again.

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    Yah, needle nose pliers will fix that up.

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    Copy that. Thanks.

    One other impression: Super glad I didn't jump the gun on a clipless boot purchase. Props to those of who ride singletrack well with them. I'm gonna need some practice with my platforms first. Probably lots of practice.

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    Yup, had that problem myself. Find a little baby sized open end wrench and put a little more tension on that removable valve core. Works great now.

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    Any tube with a removable valve can potentially cause problems if the core is not tightened. If you are in the field an have this problem, use the spoke wrench on your multi-tool to tighten the valve before screwing the head of the pump on.
    As for the lousy build, well, that's just one of the reasons their bikes are cheaper. We build ours here with the best value parts from the ground up, and employ local people.
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