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    Fat Unicycle

    I always found unicycles to be an oddmans bike, until I saw a unicycle today that was between a 26" and a 29" fatty. Its just an odd form of transportation, dont blame the man riding it.

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    Surly, Nimbus, Hunter all made/make a fat uni. Great stuff, most aggravating fun I have ever had.

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    Re: Fat Unicycle

    My son rides a fat unicycle in the winter. I think it's a Nimbus. He loves it.


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    even doing a wheelie is hard on my fatty. i cant imagine a fat uni.
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    I'm actually currently building one.

    Fat unicycles have been around a while, Surly's old Conundrum kind of started it all. Standard tire size on most Muni's now is a 3" Duro Wildlife tire. That's what I run on my DH setup.

    Riding a unicycle is completely different than wheelieing a bike. It's almost easier for me to ride my unicycles than it is to walk. I can't wheelie my bike worth a damn.

    Bikes are for the road . Unicycles are for dirt.

    There's a guy on the forum that's building up a unicycle to take a 5" tire. Can't remember if he's running a Bud or Lou or whatever, but it's pretty badass (though a bit over the top).

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    Nimbus Oregon is the shizzle. If I “needed” one right now this’d be it (learned how to ride unicycles back in 1979):
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    that is awesome! never heard of this before...

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    Sun makes a budget one(<$200) with 20x4.25 tires. The tread is more for road or hard-pack dirt/sand though...
    Amazon.com : Sun XL Unicycle 20" x 4-1/4" Black : Sports & Outdoors
    I'd love to put those wheels/tires on a regular mountainbike frame, as a little supermoto-type bike for running around town, like this bike I put together...
    Framebones 29r belt drive, Surly 1x1mid-fat, Nashbar SS 29r half-fat, TommiSea Fatbike, FGFS/Loopwheel, Mini-velo/MTB :ihih:

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