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    Fat tire width to rim width to hub width ratios, riding on beach

    Are there rules of thumb for the ratio between tire width, rim width, and hub width?

    Ive had good success with my 4 fat tires on 100mm rims at 15 PSI on hard sand and down to 4 PSI in the soft stuff.

    Might be building up a new bike and was just wondering about how the designers come up with tire / rim / hub sizes.


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    The rims from 65 mm to 105 mm width are suitabe for the tires of 4,0" to 4,8' sizes... that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comrade Sukhov View Post
    The rims from 65 mm to 105 mm width are suitabe for the tires of 4,0" to 4,8' sizes... that's it.
    While that may work, 4" on 65-80mm and 4.8" on 80-105mm is probably a better all around guide.

    As far as hubs go, I see no reason not to go 150mm in front. Rear is up to you depending on if you want to run anything larger than a 4.5" tire. Greater than 4.5", go with a 197mm rear spaced frame and hub.

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    If you're debating what rim width to use for a particular tire, do note, that the wider rims make less of a difference in inflated tread width that you might have been led to believe. With a second gen Vee Snowshoe (the ones labeled 4.5), the edge to edge width was only 4mm more on an 80mm rim than it was on a 57mm rim.
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