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    Cool-blue Rhythm Fat bike For tall guys.


    I have recently seen these fat bike and man. Talk about love at first sight.

    I have had bikes in the past. But not like this.
    I work retail so I bought a CitizenBike for commuters.
    I like the bike but the bike is way too small for me.
    I am a 6" 4' 300lbs on a fold up commuter bike. I love the features on this bike but it has definitely seen better days. So I am look to get a new bike preferable a Fat Bike.

    I would love to get one and start riding again and try mountain biking a couple of trails where I live.

    I rushed to get the commuter bike but I want to do proper research this time around.

    I had my eye on a Mongoose Fat bike but reviews were kinda shakey. I have looked into a Surley, Moonlander, and a Minnesota. These look really nice but way out of my price range. Not that I want some cheap but I am still saving up for my first car, and paying uncle Sam for school loans. So the highest I will go is $1000.

    I eye saw the Sondors bike and wow. Really? I tried to get info on that bike but you can't find contact info anywhere.

    So here I am.

    What Fat bikes should I look into or are there any mods that I can use to adapt the bikes for my size?

    Thank you and any and every response is welcome.

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    Hi Jayrrus,

    It is hard to find a bike that is in your price range that has a decent enough spec to hold up to your weight. The problem is that most bikes are made for riders that are 170lb range, meaning at 300lbs you will wear and break a lot of the cheaper spec'd parts on a $1000 bike. That being said now is a good time to look for used fatbikes, I would look at bikes that have a burlier frame that will hold up over time. You eventually will wear or break a part on the bike that you will have to replace but it won't be as expensive as a frame. The rear hub for example will likely break/fail first, it may just need a rebuild but if you need to replace it spend the extra cash on something that will last longer for you, Hope makes a decently priced hub that should last a while. I would look at a Surly Ice Cream Truck, it has thru axles on both wheels and symmetrical wheel builds that should hold your weight better than the offset Moonlander wheels. My friend has broken several rims on his Moonlander at 190lbs. Try the Pinkbike Buy/Sell fatbike section and you may get something to your liking. Another option is to buy a frame and build the bike up over time if you are on a budget, in the long run you will get a solid bike with parts that will hold up for you vs. a complete bike that is cheaper where you may have to replace broken parts more often. The downside is it will be a while before you actually get to ride which does suck. I am taller but 60lbs lighter than you and I had to learn much of this the hard way and at a time where there were not many options. Now the fatbike market is quite saturated and you will have more options on fatbike parts, frames, rims, tires, etc than ever before. I have no doubt that if you remain patient and find the right deal you will find a great bike for you.

    Good luck!


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    Any fattie in an XL size would suit. Go the your LBS and ask to take one out for a ride, see how it feels...

    Some guys are longer in the legs, some in the arms. Fit can be adjusted with stem/bars & posts to suit. The soft tires make the impact on the frame much less drastic. Fat bikes are fun and they get you into places you've never gone before.

    Good luck!

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    I'm 6'5" and ride an XL 9zero7. Like Todd said, XL is fine. \

    9:ZERO:7 Whiteout AL GX-10

    I weigh about 255 and really recommend buying quality. This is a good deal. If you're a really strong rider you may hurt the rear hub.
    I like turtles

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