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    Fat Bike Query


    First post

    So, looking to get my first fatbike

    Based in the UK and where i am, sees very little in the way of snow. So my riding will be trails (muddy in the winter, hopefully dry in the summer) and our many miles of nearby sandy beaches

    Currently ride a Santa Cruz Bronson CC, with 1x11 and a dropper post and would like the same on the fat bike

    Also, preference is to have a Bluto fork

    So, narrowed down to three:
    1. On One Fatty Trail
    2. Felt DD10
    3. Specialized Fat Boy Pro (2015 model). More expensive, but looks to be ticking lots of boxes

    1. How will the bluto hold up riding sand and through seawater. Will it require a lot of maintenance?
    2. The One One and Felt have 4 inch Jumbo Jims. I have read that these don't hold up well in the mud, and believe me we have a load of mud over here at the moment
    3. The Specialized has the 4.6 inch Control Tyres, which look to have loads of grip and better cornering

    So, anyone out there care to share their thoughts/experiences?


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    i'm just back from the beach on my felt dd10, no worries so far, i just give it a hose down when i get home. i also considered the fatty trail but i'm glad i went with the dd10. havent had any problems with the jumbo jims although i don't have any experience of other tires but they seem fine in all the mud i've been thru.

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    I wouln't put much stock into what tires come on each bike, they can be switched out later easily.

    Make sure you take a good look at the axle configuration of each bike you're considering. I ended up with a felt DD70 as it uses 150 x 15 and 197 x 12 thru axles.

    I run the stock Jumbo Jims most of the time, and would agree they're not ideal in the mud. I picked up a set of the on-one floaters for wet conditions. As a cheaper tire, they have performed very well.

    Also check if the model of fat boy comes with the wire bead tires. If so, you'll probably be inclined to switch them out to a kevlar version anyway

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    The Fat Boy tyres are Specialized Ground Control Fat, 120TPI, folding bead, 26x4.6"

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    Might suggest looking at the new Trek Farley's with the 27.5x4" wheel format. I ride a lot on the beach and found that this format seems to work well for me on relatively loose sand. The larger wheels seems to be more efficient at rolling over divots in the sand. The Barbegazi tires that come on the Trek have served well for traction on sand but yet don't throw up a lot of sand onto the drivetrain if you happen to ride through wetter sand.


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