Wondering if any of you do any endurance races using a fat front bike (or full fat ifor that matter)?

I am preparing to purchase an El Mariachi as soon as I sell my Titus Motolite frame and Revleation fork, but I am wondering if I will want the Enabler or Fargo fork for my endurance racing. I definitley want to attempt some races with a rigid ss setup (6 hours to begin with, I have only done one 6 hour so far), but am not sure how much a fat front would benefit me in that arena. There is quite a bit of climbing and the weight will probably be a factor, but so will the lack of suspension over the long haul. I already have a 100mm front wheel and 135mm rear wheel, so I would need to buy another 135mm spaced wheel, but if I go fat front, I can't use it as a spare rear wheel (with different ss gearing), because El Mariachi only fits 2.4 between the stays. Any ideas or experiences you can share with me on this subject?